Christian Aid Week 2018 - Results

Christian Aid Results

Christian Aid Week 2018 - Results

Thank you to all who were involved in Christian Aid Week this year, your gifts of time and money are greatly appreciated.

A total of £1503.15 has been raised so far, with the collections from the soup lunches to be added.  £1237.10 was raised through the envelopes and £214.05 from the two-day b&m collection.  

Also, £52.00 was raised through the paper quiz – thank you so much to everyone who attempted it. Gary and Joan Locock were the winners, with Jane and Sheila from Kathleen Chambers House being the runners up. Answers can be found by clicking this link:

or you can find a copy on the table in church.

It’s always worth having a look through the Christian Aid website to find out what is going on currently and for prayer items.

NEXT EVENT:  Please make a note in your diary to come to the Christian Aid Quiz on Friday 19th October in the Church Hall.  It’s always a great fun event!

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