Christian Aid Week 13th-19th May

Events, Prayer Booklets and Envelopes

Christian Aid Week 13th-19th May

B & M has kindly agreed that we can collect in their Burnham-on-Sea supermarket on Friday and Saturday 18th and 19th May - which gives us a great opportunity to raise the profile of both Christian Aid and local church presence. Help is needed to “man the buckets” from 10.00am to 5.00pm each day, and Liz Roost has a list for volunteers to sign up. If you’ve not done it before it is quite fun, and it’s amazing how collecting pence from people as they leave the shop transforms into hundreds of pounds donated to Christian Aid. There are hour slots (you can do more than one!) and there’s always two places available, so why not come with a friend! Liz will have the lists available in Church from 6th May or you can ring her on 01278 795519.

Christian Aid envelopes will be available in the church from 13th May for us to use. There will be a pile of them left in church during the week in case you are not in church on the Sunday. Do take more than one, so that you can offer envelopes to friends. They should be returned in the collection over the following few weeks.

To focus our thinking there will be Christian Aid Week prayer booklets available in church. Please take and use, and take more than one if you know people who would appreciate the booklet.

Christian Aid does an amazing amount of work in several areas worldwide where there is poverty. This year’s Christian Aid Week is concentrating on the work it does in house building. I have been impressed that in crisis areas Christian Aid’s aim is to provide homes appropriate for the region. This means, for instance, that houses devastated by a natural disaster are replaced with homes that are more resistant to extreme weather. There is a very good video that tells the story of Vilia, a Haitian who was caught up in the hurricane in 2010 and was helped to replace her family home, just before Hurricane Matthew hit in 2016. You can find it on this website in the news section or on the Christian Aid page. It’s called “Vilia’s Storm”. 

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