Christian Aid Report 2017

Report 2017

Christian Aid Report 2017

By supporting Christian Aid at St. Andrew’s we endeavour to raise awareness of the charity by bearing witness in our church and in the community, we endeavour to help raise funds and pray for a fairer world for the poorest communities around the world, regardless of race or creed.

We have tended to focus most of our efforts during Christian Aid Week, which this last year raised £2,1501.41 through a church envelope collection and a collection at b&m in Burnham on Sea. However, during this last year we had our annual quiz in September and had a Christian Aid Tree at the church Christmas tree Festival. We were delighted that the government pledged to  match pound for pound for Christian Aid  the amounts we raised at the quiz (£584)and from a bucket collection by the tree (£25.13) , thus doubling the amounts.

St. Andrew’s is part of the Burnham and District group of churches who work together for Christian Aid in the area.

During this last year we have formed a St Andrew’s Christian Aid Committee to plan for future fund raising and for raising further awareness of the work of Christian Aid.

Thank you for the continuing support of members of our church, your families and friends.

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