Christian Aid Quiz 2018

In aid of Christian Aid

Christian Aid Quiz 2018

I hope you have made a note to come to the Christian Aid Quiz on Friday 19th October – 7.00pm for 7.30pm.  Last year we raised over £1000 and we are trying to do the same this year.

Father Graham will be our Quizmaster and there will be a home-cooked two course meal as part of the evening.  If you are willing to provide a dessert please sign up on the list in church (from 7th October) or let Sarah Champion know.

The quiz will be in tables of four; you can either come as a group or teams can be arranged on the night.  There will be lists at the crossing in church from 7th October to sign to help with catering but the £8 per person will be collected on the night.  There will also be a raffle.


Christian Aid is involved in a wide range of initiatives to help people beat poverty as well as being one of the thirteen Disaster Emergency Committee aid organisations.  By using partner organisations in the countries they are helping, Christian Aid is able to make a difference to individual lives.

I was particularly taken by a business that a group of women in Ethiopia have been able to create through a Christian Aid partner. They have a shop with solar panels on the roof in a village that has no mains power.  They have popular successful mobile phone charging stations and a fridge so that they can sell fresh food and cold water.  They also have the advantage that nearby huts can have electric lighting.  This solar power initiative is technology being used in a simple way to improve the lives of people, not just in this instance but throughout the developing world.


Please come to the quiz to have a very enjoyable evening and also to raise money for projects like this.

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