Vicar's Letter February 2018

From Ash Wednesday to Easter

Vicar's Letter February 2018

It is interesting to note that this year Ash Wednesday falls on February 14th (St Valentine’s Day) and Easter Day is the 1st April. The date of Easter is fixed by being the Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox. If you are like me it does not seem five minutes since Christmas.

This year we are offering a midday Lent devotion and lunch – I recognise that many people do not like turning out on a cold, wet, dark and wintery evening. I do hope and ask that you read the magazine (and website!) carefully and note the dates and times of the various events that are happening.
Copies of the midday liturgy will be available for those who are unable to join in the corporate event – so that we can all show solidarity as a worshipping community wherever we are.

Ash Wednesday this year is on 14th February which as you may know is St Valentine’s day! There is going to be a wedding in Church on that day!
Easter day is on the 1st April which is a gift for anyone preaching to use as a metaphor for the differing attitudes to the Christian faith and being a ‘Fool for Christ’s sake’ as St Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians.

I trust wherever you are during Lent you will give some thought to your faith and practice as we approach Easter and recall in our services the great love that God has shown us in Jesus Christ.

Your friend and priest


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