Add & Remove from this list the things that need to be done to complete the site


Details of the Sunday/Thursday Services.

links to the latest news articles etc.

Remove Graham’s name

'What St. Andrew’s means to me…’  
Cycle through one line quotes from different members of the church with their picture beside it.

Keep Sharron's into text.

Life Events

Get fees details and add to sections

Get St. Andrew's related images and replace generics

Meet the team

Get intros from readers + Ministers

Get permission to use photos

Make Contact Details work.


Remove demo articles

Connect to sections (one sections are complete)

The Buildings

We are currently missing:
  • Edithmead
  • Venue - Church Hall
  • Venue - Church
  • Venue - Church Hall - Bookings
  • Exhibitions

Prayer & Worship Section

Create this and make it work.

Sections could include: 

  • Sunday Services
  • Midweek Communion
  • Saturday Cafe Church - Move
  • Morning Prayer (Mon-Thurs)
  • Julian Pryer Ministry
  • Celtic Prayertime

Groups, Activities & Outreach

Contact groups and ensure content is correct Fix auto-news component for each section for which it hasn't yet been created. Add remaining groups & activities

General Site

Create Contact component


Register domain

Create Church billing account with 1&1

Domain Transfer

Email Setup

Create Users

Create Manual


Analytics Setup

HTML5 compatibility check

Ensure Yootheme licence authorised.

Update Stametis stamps within custom apps to ensure future compatibility.

Check Social Media feeds.

Ensure Newsletter component remains hidden, unless we want to use this?